4500 tons of salmon annually

24 mil. pcs of leafy greens and herbs annually

State of project: Documentation for teritorry approval is prepared




Location of project in the Strategic industrial park Holešov (Google Maps):






This project will be located in the area of the Holešov city in the Strategic Industrial Zone. The plant for the production and processing of food in Holešov, with a total built-up area of almost 100,000 m2, will be made up of an expected total investment of CZK 3.5 billion.

The project is located in the southern part of the Holešov Strategic Industrial Zone, which is owned by the Zlín Region. The planned annual fish production is 4,500 tons of salmon with a minimum market weight of 3 kg. The technology for fish production uses a modern RAS system specially adapted for salmon farming in an indoor system. The production of vegetables is planned in closed buildings of a vertical farm with year-round operation and a total annual production exceeding 24 million pieces of leafy vegetables and herbs. All fish and vegetable production is processed directly on site into the final form of food or non-food products.

The project is expected to create more than 200 new jobs.