Growing vegetables




Superior performance. Complete control and integration. We believe that Vera is the most advanced vertical farming platform in the world. That is why we have chosen the Finnish company NETLED as a supplier of vertical farm technology.

Grow anywhere, anytime. Go super-fresh and hyper-local. Start with an instore farm or scale up to a large industrial system. Superior performance and complete control over the process ensures the best quality for your crop and the best yield for your business.

Complete integration from dynamic spacing system, LED lighting, HVAC & heat recovery, and nutrition system to automation software, project management and horticulture intelligence. No compromises. 

Save energy and water with precision automation designed and engineered in Finland. We only make promises we can keep.

  • 2,5x more production
  • 60 % less energy
  • 95% less water 

The Vera Industrial system has been designed specifically for large industrial farms to utilize high-volume benefits in design and cost efficiency.

Vera Industrial has an integrated modular design which allows you to easily scale up your farm as your operations grow.

The Industrial system has a very high level of process automation which minimizes manual labor requirements.

The system is extremely efficient with very low Opex and Capex per produced unit of leafy greens.

The Industrial system is suitable for both pot plant and baby leaf type production.






Optimized plant density along the crop cycle enables over 40% plants per growing area and up to 100x bigger yield than in horizontal cultivation.



Growth speed increases up to 30–40% with our unique patent-pending LED lighting distributed for plants from above and below.



Absolute control over air humidity heat energy circulation and cooling leads up to 60% energy savings.



Water, nutrition and CO2 are fed constantly and precisely to the plants. Saved water: up to 95% vs traditional systems.



Our systems are designed for the best performance for the investment. Estimated OPEX+CAPEX savings 30–50% vs competition.



Seamlessly integrated and automated IoT-based system needs little maintenance. You save time and worries. We support you with 100% care.



Vera improves the look and taste of salads, allowing them to grow until harvesting time at the same speed. Compatible with organic, non-organic and pesticide-free production. Full traceability.



Closed cultivation process doesn’t pollute soil or waters. You can cut climate emissions to zero with 100% renewable energy.









In Vera®, there are over 40% more plants in the growing area and even 8 times more in the floor area than in similar open field or traditional greenhouse cultivation. In Vera® we use FIFO, ie. first in, first out flow through growing. In Vera® the crop density is optimized and changed along the crop cycle.




Vera® has a unique, patent pending LED lighting system, which produces optimal light for plants from above and below. The amount and distribution of light is always designed according to the needs of specific plants.




Vera® can be combined to heat recovery systems. Integrated lighting, LED cooling and recovered heat together form a highly energy efficient system. Automation steers the climate and keeps the growing environment always optimal. Special optical design enables an even distribution of light to the plants. Vera® makes the controlling of microclimate easy.



Vera® has a servo operated gutter movement system, which is already commonly used in traditonal greenhouses. The structure is made of high strength aluminium body, and the design is flexible and modular. The system can be built with easy instructions and factory assembled construction modules. Long lasting materials ensure longer lifecycle.




The modern processing of Vera® includes, for example, seeding, transplanting and harvesting of the plants.




The irrigation system includes all water and fertilizer handling equipment as well as fully automated steering. In Vera® we use NFT, ie. Nutrient Film Technique as a growing system. This technique is a developed version of the traditional hydroponic cultivation. Modular design enables diversity of plants in the same growing facility and also plant specific recipes. Nutrients and CO2 are fed constantly to the system, but not led back into the nature. 



The automation of Vera® serves as the core of managing the whole vertical farming system. The system is reliable and firewall protected. All detective sensors feed the information of the operation, and automation manages the functions between the pre-set values. The smart IoT-based automation system has a very intuitive user interface (Vera® OS) with an easy-to-use touch screen. The system collects data, which can be analyzed and used to create your own growing recipes.


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